About Us About Hotel Fun
Hotel Fun is a new hotel brand established by Discovery Group in 2016. By combining the ideas of hostel and business hotels, Hotel Fun builds a creative experimental space by focusing on culture and art. It is an innovative platform for arts and humanities and culture and creativity as well as a cultural space for diverse interchange.

The first branch Fun Hotel. Linsen, located at the prosperous area of Taipei City—Linsen N. Rd., Zhongshan District, is the most potential entry for traveling in Northern Taiwan. Highlighting the ideas of "Windows of Taipei" and "Platform of Culture and Creativity," Hotel Fun. Linsen embodies the diversity of humanities and richness of art and culture in Taipei. It activates the community through the inclusion of artistic activities. Besides, the Hotel encourages interaction and dialogue between different cultures to establish a social networking platform for international cultural interchange and show the beauty of Taipei. The Hotel is the best navigator for travelers to Taipei.
Located in Ximen Commercial District, Hotel Fun. Ximen is convenient both in traffic and life. It is convenient and fast for tourists boarding at Hotel Fun. Ximen to go to the popular tourist attractions in different areas.
Concepts Core Concept Fun in Taipei
Positioning Brand Positioning Hotel of Culture and Creativity